Friday, August 12, 2011

would you like to see

what I carry around with me all day? Probably you didn't realize that you wanted to know such a thing until now. The good news is that I am totally going to show you.

I'm linking up with Allie at of all the nonsense today, because I was looking over her lovely blog and thought this was a pretty fun idea. Three reasons: I've never done this kind of a post, it will be neat to have an objective view of the things I feel are necessary enough to have next to me all of the time, and the picture reminds me of one of those infomercials where they show you how organized a bag can be by laying everything out on a table and then proceeding to speed up the tape while they fit all this crap "neatly" into the tiniest bag ever.

What's in my bag?
I'm so glad you asked.

-My wallet. Fossil from about, eh, 5 years ago?
-Keys. Complete with 7 of those little store cards. Yes, I have more of them than actual keys.
-Orbit White [spearmint].
-Blistex + EOS lip balm. [Not sure why but I'm sure I need two types of chapstick.]
-Yes To Carrots body butter. [My grandma said to me once "No one will want to hold hands with you if you have skin like an alligator." I'm on it, Grandma.]
-Graph pad [with German on it. I was told it means "Without you everything is stupid." I don't know German so I can't be certain. It's cute either way. And useful for lists and notes.] + a pen from Green Valley Ranch in Las Vegas [funny story- I stole this from our condo in Gulf shores this summer, but lkj and I actually stayed at GVR when we went to Vegas last year. NEAT? I think so. They have a cool pool.]
-My sunglasses. Forever 21.

My purse is awesome. We already talked about it.

So that's what I carry around all of the time. I think it's all pretty useful. Without it I would feel naked, so there's one use right there. Do you dare bare your bag to the world?


  1. Chapstick is always a must. Also, you may find this interesting:

  2. Dude. I want to do a post there! I'll have to brainstorm, though... And figure out a way to make Shimi stay still for a picture.