Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I think I am allergic to work.

I'm lazy and my body wants to remind me of it all of the time. Either way, I get these really unfun and usually inconvenient headaches quite often now. I feel like maybe I should quit looking at stuff. Because, you know, I'm always looking at something and maybe my eyes are tired so they are sending OUCH signals to my brain in the form of temple-throbs. It is extremely difficult, however, to remain awake and not look at stuff. (cue the excedrin).

Anyways. I don't have any clothes.
This is of course a ridiculous statement because, not only do I obviously have clothes (lest I be walking around stark naked), but many (lkj) would argue that I have too many (also ridiculous). Somehow, though, I still find myself in the throes of despair many a morning feeling as though I have exhausted all possible acceptable combinations of clothes in my closet.

So I thought looking through a few blogs and magazines for some new takes on the key pieces I already own would be a good idea. False. Really I just found a whole new list of stuff that trumps all my stuff and that I feel completely entitled to for some reason or the other.

Saving money, blah, I'm not buying any new clothes right now (it all comes full circle). Last time I bought an article (or two) of clothing, I felt guilty, so I came home immediately and did a run through of my closet and tossed about 10 things. Binge/purge, you know. 
I tell myself that I am saving right now (and by saving I mean paying off what I've already spent) so that when the new fall lines come out, I won't feel bad when I buy new stuff. (I will have to buy some new stuff.) 

In spite of my positive steps, I think I need to take it a little farther. I think it's time I finally really crack down and play dress up. That's the only answer. It's the only way I'll rediscover the gems that have fallen into the depths of closet-world. Rally the troops.

I did get one in before the buzzer, though. lkj gets lots and lots of points for this one-it's my first nice nice bag. This should definitely tide me over until the spending embargo ends...

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