Thursday, July 28, 2011

little things

So, I was definitely dragging starting out this week. The Monday of a full work week post-vacation never inspires much confidence, especially with nothing but hot hot days and staring at a computer screen for nine hours to look forward to. BUT, this is a common pitfall of mine- it is easy to get stuck in a bad attitude about a situation when constantly comparing it to something that is obviously preferable (this guy has some gems on the subject- also his blog is generally great).

Attitudes. lkj and I decided last week, in one of our margarita-inspired discussions, that maybe the big secret to being happy isn't trying to plan out exactly how to get what you think you might want at that moment (a highly subjective and frustratingly difficult feat), but adjusting your attitude about the current situation and seeing how remarkably it effects your disposition.

So, even though it's been your typical work week, I'm in a pretty good mood this morning thanks to a few little pick-me-ups, brought to me courtesy of a better outlook:

This is my new lunch bag. Snagged it in Gulf shores. It's pretty fantastic, and I like to believe that I could totally be her. She's kind of a bad ass.

I have had the pleasure of much-needed conversation from girlfriends twice this week, which makes me :D. One in the form of lasagna and hawaiian rolls, the other an hour-long-walk-around-the-garage-phone-tacular. 

I finally joined the gym. Spent some time getting reacquainted with the treadmill. Warded off some 'roid jock trying to rush my chest presses. Feels pretty good I must say.

lkj and I have been in media heaven this week, immersed in season 4 of HIMYM, and throwing in the occasional Sunny or spontaneous alien movie. When a show is done right, it's just awesome, and I don't even feel bad for being a couch potato.

Finally- I rooted around in the Mac App Store the other day and loaded up on some free apps for my lovely macbook (which will soon be an antique, to my dismay, as Apple is no longer making them.) My favorite so far is Swackett. It's fun weather. You should check it out.

Here's to the brightside- and the fact that tomorrow is Friday! Get pumped.

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