Monday, August 8, 2011

as if the heat weren't enough

to keep you inside on principle [principle being the uselessness of showering and makeuping before doing anything in August in Memphis because you are going to sweat it all off and smell just as bad and be just as sticky as before the very second you open the door]...

I'm sorry what was I saying.. Right, as if the heat weren't enough to keep you inside on principle, I have come to the realization that, in the grand scheme of things, August is kind of a drab month.

There's just not a lot going travel plans no parties no shows. I can't even go shopping to spice it up [I'm really a sore saver, if you couldn't tell.] And even when you try to peel yourself off of the couch and make some weekend plans, you can hardly catch your breath to do so for the stifling humidity that is our lovely climate.

Ok, maybe I'm being a little dramatic. I actually had a pretty great weekend filled with random, last-minute, sure-that-sounds-good-after-3-pitchers-of-beer plans. Which is almost always enjoyable. But I don't have any green on my calendar, and it bums me out. [Green is the sharpie-pen that I use for fun activities that I have planned for my month. So it's like, I'm sitting at work, blah blah, when do I get to go have an adventure and stuff, I'm looking forward to.. oh wait, August is lame.]

august, get it together. Even just a breeze would help.

love, Amanda.

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