Thursday, August 4, 2011

the thing about music is

that it makes most things way a lot better.
[This logic only applies if you select the right kind of music. That, of course, is subjective, so I suppose you could argue that it doesn't matter what kind of music you select. Probably you just enjoy arguing. It's ok me too.]

Either way.
IF you are the type who enjoys music that caters to your ever-changing emotions, than you have most likely already discovered the awesomeness of stereomood. If not, you should hurry, you've been missing out for awhile. I mean no rush, it's not going anywhere. Just get pumped, because you are about to have one of the music-self-realization type deals. Yay!

[Music-self-realization type deals are fun. You can find them with really loud music, and music that is kind of sad or makes you dance. They also spread like wildfire at live shows, especially outdoors.]

My office is really quiet. And sometimes people get cranky. It's not their fault, they are doing the bidding of the clients and sometimes clients have bad days and well, it's a vicious cycle. And today I almost got pulled over [by almost I mean I was right behind the guy that actually got pulled over, definitely thought it was going to be me because I was certainly speeding, and my stomach-complete with my bagel-dropped to my toes really fast.]

All this to say that I needed something to break that cycle today, and the "working" playlist on stereomood totes did it's job. Plus some. I mean I rarely dance at my desk.

Stress balls are also fun.

Here's a gem from today--

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