Monday, July 11, 2011

Christmas in July.

It's that time again!!

We are less than a week away from our second visit to the beach this summer. We are some lucky dogs, I know. I can hardly believe our good fortune. It must be the universe's way of telling us to c.t.f.o. [relax]

HOORAY for lkj's older sis who strongly believes in practical Christmas presents, i.e.-taking us to a sweet condo on the sandy awesomeness of the ocean.

I love the beach.

It's time to start my ritual. I am already settling in nicely to travel mode, and this week has enough pre-playa-party preparation to get me super stoked starting yesterday.

1- Mani/pedi with moms for part 1 of her birthday [which I will not technically be here for. However, she understands that all is fair in love and beach. And she can't be upset when she has pretty toes.]

2- Customary, pre-vacationary Target trip with the step sis [who is no doubt going to be a terrible influence on my purchasing. 17 year old girl. End.]

3- Friday. Not only will I experience the sheer wonderfulness of knowing I'll be off work for five days, but directly afterwards, I'll be heading to the very last installment of the HP saga, [part 2 of moms birthday], and I could not be more thrilled.

In preparation for my busyness this week, I stayed in my pajamas for the entire day yesterday. I did nothing but play Portal 2 with lkj and watch movies. The farthest I got outside of the house was inside the garage to get a water [it's too hot, anyways.]
It was glorious.

I can't even be crabby about Monday, today. And that, blog friends, is the beauty of the ritual.


  1. 1. I am so jealous. I haven't been to the beach since our last youth group beach trip. Lame.
    2. I am obsessed with Portal 2. Zach & I finished co-op a few weeks ago, but I am still trying to finish single player. Definitely a challenge!
    3. The end of HP! AH!

  2. Hope!
    1- You should come with us.
    2- We are on the bonus levels and I haven't tried single player but I'm sure it will hurt my brain.
    3- What are we going to do with ourselves when it's over?

  3. 1. I wish.
    2. Bonus levels?
    3. I don't them all again?