Tuesday, May 10, 2011

trip-planner extraordinaire

Friends, I am taking a trip in a week!
Well like 8 days but who's counting.

In case you didn't know, I kind of love the beach.
Also, I am one of those annoying people that absolutely loves preparing for a trip, be it a week in the Bahamas or a weekend in Nashville. I'm stoked either way.
I have a process.

First, I make preliminary lists.
These are usually not that neat and a little jumbly.
Then, I print off all important documentation (i.e. hotel reservations, lineups, directions, etc.)
Usually I coordinate these in order of what we will need first.
In the case of this trip, it's a music festival, so I will also be breaking down the lineup schedule and figuring out which bands we want to see, what time they are playing, and how much time that leaves us to lay on the beach.
Then, I re-write the lists. One for things I need to buy, one for things I need to pack.
(I also love lists.)
Then I get to shop. Strictly for trip necessities, of course.

This all takes place about a week before I leave.
This means that today, I get to begin my ridiculously ocd ritual of preparing for a vacation. I think it's winning, because it's kind of like I get to enjoy a whole extra week of the trip in just getting ready for it.

Week of, look out, because I am a tasmanian devil of packing and organizing and gathering and buying and reorganizing.
I. Love. Traveling.

I'm allowing myself one fun Target trip before we head out, and I am super pumped to buy my first batch of sunscreen of the season, a big fat magazine (and Chelsea Handler's newest read), and way too many yummy snacks for the road.

I wish I could teach a class on obsessive organization. That would be so fun. 


  1. you know what sucks about the newest chelsea handler read? she didn't write it. i think she maybe wrote the intro? lame. but likely still funny.

  2. Yeah I saw that, but I'm sure it'll still be pretty good. Her books are perfect for a trip, you can breeze right through them.