Tuesday, January 18, 2011


birthday-cation (n): a vacation from any place of employment or duty or debt for a period of time no less than 4 days and no more than 7 days, which happens to include the birthdate of the vacationer.

Day 1: Birthday
Fireball, Gift-bearingSteak
Red Velvet cake
Flowers, Wine, more gift-bearing

Day 2: Angela & Amanda's Day Of Fun
Iced Chai, Shopping, "Girl that looks so cute, you have to get it,"
More shopping, Hair dye, facials,
Hem hem, Haw haw, Giggle giggle

Day 3
Work in the middle of birthday-cation!? Must start over.

Day 1 [4]: Travel
Pruning, Packing, Dilly dallying
More iced chai, More packing
Cheeseburgers, Red bull, Feed the Animals
Headlights, Tail lights, Bright lights, No lights
Cheese dip, Margaritas, Bad tequila
Ping pong, Friendly cabbies, Bonding

Day 2 [5]
Sleep, sleep, sleep, and Waffle House
Apples to Apples, Truth be Told, Blink
Japanese Ketchup, Philly, Filet
Valentines Day?
Irish pub, Hotel instead, More games.

Day 3 [6]: More travel
Brunch, browse, drive,
Home again
More margaritas, more gift bearing
Much needed bed.

Day 4 [7] Back in the swing
Shopping, Long awaited Nude-colored heels
Treadmill (...) 
Re-set, Coffee, Lemon Poppyseed, Pizza
More birthday [this time, not mine]
impromptu GIRL TALK concert

Day 5 [8]: The end
Sleep late, Rainy day, Movie day sweater
Black Swan 
Whoppers, Yoga
 Beef Stew.


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