Saturday, July 31, 2010

playing house.

Things are starting to settle down a bit for me now. I've done all of the traveling that I'll be doing for quite some time, I'm getting on the schedule at my old job here in town to get the ball rolling on fundage, and, hopefully next week I'll be able to finish up unpacking [from vegas and from general moving in-it's killing me that things are still sitting around, but apparently not quite enough to motivate me to get on top of it...]

It's getting to where it actually seems real that I won't be returning to Knoxville for school this year.  
I'm home for good! And lkj and I are having a grand ole time playing house.
Yep, it's been pretty fun so far being a live-in girlfriend. Of course, we've had our moments, but I think overall we are adjusting well, which makes me happy.

In addition to having fun playing house, I'm finding that lkj has come in handy in keeping me in check during my employment hiatus.

See, it's been close to a month since I've gotten a paycheck. Yikes.
Now, as I stated before, I should be back on some form of payroll by next week, good lord willing and the creek don't rise. But, I've been trying my darndest not to count my chickens before they've hatched. And by that I mean not spend all the money I have before I even have it. The thing is, I have a slight shopping problem. I mean it's not like I go out and buy these super expensive things that I don't really need or anything. I promise you I can justify all day almost any purchase I make. lkj, on the other hand, always justifies the OTHER way around. It can be quite frustrating.

Now, usually I can go to Target, or Old Navy, or maybe a few shops in the mall, and satiate my shopping needs. A girl always feels better in a new dress or top, or some new pumps, or maybe just a cute necklace, or, OOH! a purse. You can see where I might get myself in trouble...
When I had steady income, these minor charges were nothing of note to me. But now, well, I've had to slow down a bit.

Since I've made the move, and sacrificed my income for the sake of proximity, lkj has been really great about footing the bills on all our dates, our weekend excursions, and most recently-our vegas extravaganza [I know right? I got myself a personal sugar daddy!] So, you see, I don't feel quite right spending money on somewhat frivolous, albeit very justifiable and cute things, while I'm being doted on so generously. Which is why I did NOT go to Target yesterday to see if the nude colored heels I wanted earlier this summer where now on sale, and why I so bravely walked past the $15 jeans sale at Old Navy today. Be strong, I tell myself. Soon I will be making some dollars, and I can indulge my shopping whims free of guilt. But, this time, with a renewed sense of frugality and saving importance. 
See, it all works out.

Tonight, we had a wonderful little impromptu date, which included hibachi, chesckers [checkers-chess combo], coffee, and watching the X-games [silently hoping Shaun White makes another appearance...I find him oddly adorable and slightly more bad ass on a skateboard] scoping all of the hellacious falls that these daredevils face.
At the cafe in the bookstore, lkj and I found our counterparts, perched next to each other on the shelf:
Strangely accurate of the two of us, ha.
Makes for a pretty fun Saturday night, if you ask me :)

Yours, truly

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