Tuesday, August 3, 2010

i make it rain.

So guess what! [it's a big deal.]
GIRL got a J-O-B!
That's right. I'll be serving tables at a local bar! It's a pretty neat place, definitely more my style than the last place I served. I'll be working lots of nights, which means better tips, and most importantly-I'll be employed! Doing pretty much exactly what I said I wanted to do back when the not-quite-quarter-life crisis first set in a few months back. I said I wanted to be with the people that I loved, working a regular 22-year-old type gig for awhile, such as waiting tables.
I'm just so excited to have a job! I go in for training in the morning.
And now that I am employed, I can finally relax a bit and get the rest of my life in order. I still have to touch base with an internship opportunity as well, which would be a great step career-wise for me. But I think that just having a job will allow me to calm down enough that a lot of other things will just kind of fall into place. Just like Modest Mouse said it would.

It's amazing to think that just two months ago I was just getting started at the station, and now I'm in a completely different city doing something about as completely opposite as you can get from producing...
My how the tables have turned. Pun, ha.
On a completely unrelated note, I am finding that my Ferngully side is having a hard time coping with one particular aspect of my Knoxville-less-ness.
I miss the rain terribly.
Memphis is like a rainforest in more ways than you would think, in that it's unbelievably hot and even more humid and you really feel like you might just melt into a puddle after being outside for any length of time. We have our share of storms for sure. But we're in a dry spell right now, and it's making me realize how much I enjoyed the frequent downpours that was standard in the mountain climate. I love summer storms the most, and today, the weather teased me. I was standing outside with the moms because we heard it start to thunder pretty loudly. It got all blustery and started blowing the trees around, and there was even some lightening in the area. But it never delivered. Barely a few drops. Quite disappointing. 

I so loved Ferngully when I was little. One of my Top 5 childhood fav's.
[The other's you ask?]
-Little Mermaid
-The Troll in Central Park
-The Lion King
[I know that's six.. but I thought of too many and I can't choose which one to throw out...]

Wish me luck for tomorrow!

Yours, truly

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