Wednesday, August 4, 2010

flash flooding.

Blog friends, it's Wednesday again.
I find myself having an inner struggle. A cognitive dissonance if you will. 
As it is Wednesday, I have been thinking all day about what it is that I would choose to love today, so as to remain in keeping with my web log agenda. All day thinking, waiting for something to jump out at me that merits my adoration for this particular 24-hour span of time. But nothing came to me.

I felt discouraged.
I began to question my creativity, my dedication to the blog itself!
Why couldn't I think of anything that I was excited enough to discuss with you all this here Wednesday?!

I decided to sit down and just start writing. Some of my best work comes from just getting started and seeing where it takes me.
Surely I will think of something fantastic to save my I heart Wednesdays commitment.

I type and type away, discussing my first day of training [it went well, by the way] and how I planned on watching the Jam Wedding episode of the Office a little later [watched it-super cute, although it was somewhat overshadowed by other events that transpired, which I will explain next.]

As I said, I was diligently typing away..
All of the sudden, it becomes apparent that there were pools of water on the floor.
You heard me right. 
POOLS of water. A wash load had gone awry. The floor was sopping wet.
Towels proved less than sufficient.
Tensions grew.

Finally, I tamed the mess. Yes, 5 sopping wet towels, a box fan, a mop, and an unpleasant mood spoiler later, the floor is almost dry.
All the while my new post is laying in wait for me to continue my diligence and delve further into my creativity to find something i love about this particular Wednesday.
But the flooding catastrophe had pushed me over the edge.
I came back to the computer, highlighted, and deleted all that I had written.
I decided that, somedays, you don't have to love anything. 
Somedays, the fates conspire against you, and you just don't feel like being excited about any particular thing for the sake of a blog entry.
If that day happens to fall on a Wednesday, and you had previously committed to being happy on Wednesdays, that is truly unfortunate.
But, it is what it is. 
Better luck next Wednesday.

Yours, truly

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