Wednesday, July 28, 2010

i heart wednesday-office love

it's Wednesday, which means it's time to heart something!
This week, i am loving The Office-Season 2.
[and it's not because i've been watching it for the last two hours. Ok yes it is.]
It's the season where Pam and Jim are all flirty and cute, but they aren't together yet.
It was also free, because I took it from my dad's place [it went unclaimed, so I figured I'd get more use out of it :) ]
Also- I found out that there are still episodes I haven't seen! Ok one episode. But I got pretty excited. And- Did you know that there are random characters in the early seasons? I've never really noticed them before, but they're there- Marjorie and Devon. I know, it's weird.

So, this Wednesday, I heart Michael, Dwight, Pam, Jim, Oscar, Phyllis, Kevin, Angela, Creed, Ryan, Jan, Meredith, Kelly, Stanley, Daryl, and Toby. I do NOT heart Roy.
[Pam and Jim Forever!]

Yours, truly


  1. I HEART the office too :) im tryna to get v-classic to send me season 6 bc ive never seen it :(

  2. Ahhh I was just talking to someone about how season 2 is the best season of The Office! though I do love when PB & J are actually together :)

    Oh and go back at watch the pilot episode during the conference room scenes. There's like four or five characters that you never see again.