Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Destination vs. Journey?

Another section down in What Should I Do With My Life
[if you need a refresher: here's section's 1, 2, and 3]
This 4th and shorter section, that shares the title of this here blog post, focused on the confusion between what is ultimately more important in a person's life path: is it the destination itself that's worth getting to, or would we do better to enjoy and cultivate the journey? When all is said and done, which one makes us happier?
I'm stumped.
Here's some of what Bronson and his fearless interviewees had to offer:

First he talked about the "Boom Wranglers"-
"The Boom Wrangler makes [his]her way through life by sniffing out the next big opportunity...Intensity is her passion. She works hard and plays hard... When a boom tails off, and she is faced with the question 'Well, now what?' the operating principle that drives her decision is Where's the next boom? What will be exciting?"
Then he talked about "Phi Beta Slackers"-
"If a traditional slacker hops between temping, waitressing, etc., Phi Beta Slackers hop between esteemed grad schools, fat corporate gigs, and prestigious fellowships, looking like they have their act together but really having no more clue where they're headed than anyone else. They could make such a difference in the world if they could only stop trying to impress each other. Stop trying to prove themselves."

Then he re-addressed his categorization of "Day Jobbers", those who settle down to reality and have a job, just a regular job, to make ends meet-
"When should I make peace with my ambition and settle down? The one feeling that everyone in this book has experienced is of missing out on life. For some people, this recognition leads them to pursue a dream; for others, it leads them to let the dream go. Sometimes that's the wisest choice."

At first glance, it seems like Bronson is being a little harsh here. But at least he is being consistent- in that he's calling all types of people into the spotlight. He's not just addressing one group or demographic, he's calling out everybody.
But I think it brings up a valid point. I didn't think that I would really be able to relate to much in this section, because I lack the long-term career history to be able to tell what kind of worker I am. I'm still waiting to figure that out. But I actually did end up getting something out of it...
See, I'm a little nervous that I am going to be one of those workers that get's really bored with her job after awhile. The thought of doing the exact same thing every single day for the rest of my life is really really depressing ha. But in all likelihood, I'll probably have to do that to some degree. On the flip side of that, I enjoy stability. [I'm a complex lass, I know.] I like the comfort of knowing that I'll be able to pay bills, and that I can go out to eat if I want to, and I can develop a tenure with a company and gain respect. 

So... am I a day jobbing boom wrangler? Or am I just really great at acting like I know what's up but really have no earthly idea?
I don't know if I like these odds haha...

I think the main point of this section is that it's different for everyone. Some people need to 
constantly be on a journey, and some people are perfectly happy getting to their destination and staying there. I guess I'll figure out soon enough which of these I'll be more like.

On a completely unrelated note- I'll be Memphis-bound tomorrow! 
Entonces- my posts may not be quite as frequent, but I'm still going to try to get a few up while I'm there :)

Yours, truly

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  1. WOW! So many great thoughts. I loved this post so much. You're a really smart girl and it's great to see you thinking about these things that I think so many people pass by. Glad I stumbled upon you. You're great ♥