Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Full circle

I'm home safe in Memphis, rapidly losing weight from increased sweating [it's literally a rain forest here with all the humidity], and thoroughly enjoying myself :)
Yesterday was my little sister Savannah's birthday!
Yep, the big 0-6.
[isn't she the CUTEST!]
I cannot believe she is already six. I've seen her grow up! Her whole life! She used to be just a little baby, and now she's just like a real person.
But, she will always be the littlest punkin to me :)

To celebrate, we went to see Toy Story 3 [I think I was more excited than she was, Toy Story is my jam.] 

I had heard from numerous sources that the movie was a tear-jerker, and after seeing it, I can without a doubt say that this is a true statement. There were about 3 different times that I teared up throughout the movie, and at the end, well, there was just no holding it back. 

I think the movie was really written for our age group--those of us who grew up watching it. The whole plot focuses around Andy going to college and having to decide what to do with his toys and it's just really sad! [My explanation doesn't do it justice haha...] It brings everything full circle for those of us from that generation, who kind of had to do the same thing not too long ago. I thought it was really well done.

Unfortunately, Sav did not enjoy it quite as much as the rest of us. But it really was kind of an emotional movie, so it's understandable. Plus, she was surrounded by criers ha.

lkj and I got her Mario Kart for her Wii, which she has really been enjoying and has coincidentally also been pretty fun for us ha; and she also got this game called Just Dance, which is a great way to make a fool out of yourself if you were looking to do such a thing. It's actually really fun though, and she looks too cute playing it.

Tonight, it's off to a cook out with the old crew :)
Oh summer, how I've missed you so.

Yours, truly

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