Monday, June 21, 2010

Amanda the Conqueror

 Check out my horoscope for this week:

Now is the best time for you to start off in a new direction. You may leave a toxic relationship, tackle that big new career move or even decide to live in another country for a while. Go for it!

* * *
I could definitely get into astrology I think, it's so interesting! My horoscope almost always has an eerie correctness about it. In this case-I think it hit the nail on the head!

Happy first day of summer to you all! It is definitely super-duper hot here, which is fitting. I think Memphis is breaking 100 degrees today [I would expect nothing less ha..]

I'm currently at work [which I am finding more and more difficult to get motivated for, considering I've already quit...] and I'm battling this monster headache that started right about the time that I walked in to the building. 
Maybe I'm allergic.
In truth I think it has a lot less to do with allergies and a lot more to do with this environment: bright glaring lights + staring at a computer screen all day= headache.

But I digress. The title of this post is my own interpretation of a new show on the Travel Channel. I love the Travel Channel. It's definitely in my Top 5 -Channels I always check.
[Other 4: Food Network, Comedy Central, Spike (only for CSI), and, yes, MTV. True Life is my guilty pleasure.]

Any who, Travel Channel has come out with this new show called "Bert the Conqueror." This guy, Bert Kriescher, has developed a reality show in which he travels all over the place doing daring things, like roller coasters, bungees, human sling shots, things of that nature. I've been pretty excited about seeing it, and I finally caught an episode this weekend.
Don't get me wrong, it's a novel idea. In fact, it was totally my idea. No really! I always said that if I got to choose a profession where money wasn't a factor and I just got to do something fun, I would ride roller coaster's all day and tell people how much fun it was. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that this premise is going to throw a wrench into my liking this show... For one thing, he keeps acting like he's really scared of all these different feats when we all know that he really isn't. And secondly, I'm jealous.
and the truth comes out!

In all likelihood I will continue to watch this show, if only to document all of the exciting, adrenaline pumping, thrill seeker's destinations that I need to add to my life list. On his next adventure, Bert is going to Vegas to bungee off the top of the Stratosphere:
Now this, I can confidently say that I will do at some point in the not-so-distant future. My padre lives in Vegas and I have done all of the other thrill rides at the top of this casino. But this definitely tops the charts, and I can't wait to do it!

I hope every one's Monday hasn't been too shabby. I personally am counting down the hours until I'm off work tomorrow, at which point I will be starting my mini-vacay to Memphis for Savannah's birthday and some much needed lkj/girlfriend time.

Yours, truly

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