Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm not convinced the grass is even green you guys.

Hear me out.
I have a Jane-bird. She tells me all of the time that I have a "grass is always greener" complex. I thought about it some and decided she's probably right. But I don't think I'm the only one. I think most everybody sort of has a "grass is always greener" complex. It's just some people are better at realizing it and then, you know, not thinking that the grass over there is greener than the grass over here.

So last night, after revisiting the subject over pints with some of my favorite hem-hawers, we threw another option in the mix. Maybe the grass isn't even GREEN, ya'll. I know, crazy stuff. Try to wrap your head around it... So the non-green grass theory states that pretty much there is always going to be something to bitch about. Whether you are here in this grass or over there in that grass, if you want to complain about something bad enough there will be something there to complain about. If you truly desire to be in bad mood, you totally can be, no matter what grass you're in.

Further, the "grass is always greener" complex is closely related to the "graduation goggles" school of thought. In this case, I think the grass is still actually green, and you still think the grass over there is greener, but right as you decide that you must in fact have that greener grass, the clouds shift and the sun sheds a beam on your nice little patch, and it looks just awesome, and you forget why on earth you ever wanted to leave it.

I decided that basically, humans are ridiculous. We are in general pretty spoiled and temperamental and we take ourselves entirely too seriously. We don't know what we want, mostly because there's just so much out there to do that we couldn't possibly be happy in our current states, lest we should miss out on something else. As with everything, moderation is key. A little bit of restlessness is just enough to ensure progression. But in the very same breath, we need to let ourselves be. Just be for a little while. Long enough to decide if the grass really isn't just as green as any other after all.

Maybe this doesn't apply to you at all. You may be thinking, "This girl is batty, I've gotten lawn of the month three times this year, no way that grass over there is greener than mine." In which case my response would be kudos, with a slight sarcastic huff under my breath for good measure. But if it does apply to you, I think the moral of the story is that grass is grass. Let's stop worrying about it so much. I mean, it's grass.


  1. Bravo, lady :) can't wait til our next "hem-hawing" sesh.

  2. Great post! Humans are indeed ridiculous. I think that is what makes us human.