Tuesday, September 27, 2011

i can't even figure out a title for this post kind of mental block

It's supremely (yes, supremely) frustrating to me when I have the inclination to blog and can't. Not, like, physically can't. I still have all of my fingers I assure you. It's more can't like I keep writing things in this daunting little white box and even go through the effort of linking things and putting pictures in it and then, in a fit of dissatisfaction, delete it all.

Supremely frustrating.

I am willing to take full responsibility for this ridiculousness. I am contrary and over-analytical and apparently have unrealistic expectations for...myself? While at the same time being kind of tired and headache-prone.

It's a blog identity crisis. A blogdentity crisis.

I just did it again. Right here. There were words and quips. Now they are gone.

I can't figure out my angle.

So like, some people write about mental health, and some people write about weddings, and some people write about fashion, and some people write about couponing. And other writers are all about green living and eating right and etsy shoppes and music that isn't cool yet and new devices that aren't out yet but are already cool. And then you have the people that write about themselves, so basically about nothing in particular, but they throw in some funny stuff and they talk off-hand and they are interesting mostly because you get to see someone being candid and sort of disrespectful, and who doesn't love candid and sort of disrespectful. And then you have that one glaring question that stares every blogger in the face at some point in their blogging careers, and that is Who Really Gives.

So that's kind of where I'm at. If I labeled myself I'd like to be the candid and disrespectful type, but the thing with that is, if you can't go all in, there's really no point in half-assing it. Then you are just the blog version of a scripted reality TV show that shamelessly plugs the network instead of sticking it them.

Blogdentity shmogdentity.
(Real words.)

Even now I am contemplating deleting all of this and leaving my most recent post about clothes I haven't bought yet to linger at the top for another week or so.

Serious mental block. Do they have an over-the-counter for this?

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