Friday, September 23, 2011

window shopping

Yesterday felt like Friday. So much so that when my alarm went off this morning, I couldn't help but feel as though I was being unjustly dragged into work on a Saturday. (That this is clearly false is irrelevant.) 

Anyways I've been shopping.

Not, like, real shopping. More like, style planning. 

Basically, lkj and I are heading to Vegas in about a month and a half, and I am doing some recon. Do you know what lives in Vegas? Well lots of things. My dad lives there, which is of course the primary reason for our visit. BUT. Something else lives in Vegas.


Now I have been painstakingly good about not shopping in light of my new budget and all that nonsense. I'm actually out of a few important things simply because I won't let myself wander around Target unattended. But, come November, I will have saved up enough cash  that I can, without a shred of guilt, get wonderfully lost amidst racks of blazers and leggings and scarves and silky tops. 

There's this cool thing on H&M's website (which still will not let you shop online, something  I just cannot make myself understand) that let's you play dress up with a slightly taller, considerably more model-esque version of yourself.

So, I've been having a little fun.

This would be a work outfit I think. My favorite is the blazer ($29.95)

Another work option. Love the shoes. ($39.95)

This would be a lounge, go-see-a-movie, effortlessly awesome outfit. You know how I feel about leggings. (I heart leggings. $12.95)

This one would be a date-night option. I am in love with this dress. ($14.95)

This is more wishful thinking than anything else. My legs would not look like that in this outfit. Mostly because they are like half as long. But I do love the contrast of the bright scarf on the cardi. Love the cardi ($19.95)

If I bought all of these things, including necklaces, shoes, bags, and the whole nine yards, I would need to go to Vegas with an extra $455 big ones. So yeah we might have to skim it down a little. But oh my gosh how fun!!

Now I just have to hope they keep all of my picks in stock for you know the entire beginning of the fall fashion season (.....)

Fingers crossed.

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  1. I have only been to the H&M here once, but mainly because I do not have enough money to go shopping (womps.). It is pretty sweet to get affordable clothes though! I'll have to check out that online outfit builder...