Friday, October 21, 2011

I shouldn't be this lazy, or, why my gym only costs 15 dollars a month

Things that I will choose as a legitimate excuses for not working out:

Let's go get Sushi
There's wine here
The Chinese place next to my gym smells way better than my gym
I'm on the phone and pacing (that counts as a workout, I think)
The cat is being sweet and letting me hold her
I don't feel like taking a shower it takes forever
I left work like, 7 minutes late today
Also traffic is really bad
Now I have a headache, I think
Look at how cute the cat is when she sleeps
I'm pretty sure my stomach is eating itself I'm so hungry
Let's go get Mexican
There are margaritas here
She isn't working out either
I walked up two flights of stairs today
I may have danced some last weekend
Target is on the way home I might as well go ahead and stop
Let's get a pedicure!
I just washed my hair last night
My sports bras are dirty from the "yoga" I did
I think I twisted my ankle earlier because I wore heels
Let's go get Chinese at the place by my gym
I just coughed some I might be sick

At this rate, I'll be in great shape never. Because I keep eating Oreos.

BUT. Conversely.
Things that make feel guilty enough that I actually drag my ass to the gym and get on the elliptical for 15 minutes?

[Let's be honest, people.]
Randomly seeing a person who at one point or another was healthier than you, in the best way possible of course, but technically you were still "smaller" and now, fml, they've dropped, like, half a person and look just awesome (yay them) and suddenly your jeans feel less loose and you might as well have eaten steamed lard for lunch.

Whatever works?

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