Tuesday, August 23, 2011

one of those posts about lists

Today I decided to make a small, manageable list of things.
I like lists. But lists can get cumbersome and overwhelming and messy sometimes.
This one will not.
Just a few small things.

Things like going to the gym.
Can I just say that I'm glad that lkj already loves me. That his love is not contingent upon my proving that I am not a lazy sack. Case in point- working out in the morning. I joined the gym, and I have done pretty good about actually getting to it a couple of times a week. Still, no real routine. A lot of that is me having the audacity to sit down when I get home from work. Rarely do I make it to the gym in the evenings if I even so much as look at the couch. So, being the problem-solver that I am, I decided that maybe I could work out in the mornings.
This is a terrible plan. I am literally doing nothing but setting myself up for disappointment. I think we are up to three different nights now I have vowed to lkj that I will get up early and have a workout before work. I will feel more energized. I will get it out of the way. I will feel AWESOME. My exact words this morning were: muffle muffle Not Happening grunt. Luckily, he does not hold these broken promises against me. We'll be working on the evenings.

Things like emptying my mind.
Just 10 minutes of quiet time every day to just sit and empty my brain. Isn't it sad that when this thought came to me I almost immediately dismissed it thinking that I would not stick to it? I know myself. Quite well actually. My brain does not understand quiet. My brain is always making lists and scenarios and plotting the most efficient course through the day week month year life. So, when it's time to be quiet, my brain is confused. It keeps throwing thoughts and images at me as if trying to wake me from whatever stupor I have slipped into. Hello!? It says. You are falling behind!! It says. But really, I'm not. My brain just needs practice.

Things like making the bed.
Seriously I have never been the type of person who thought it was necessary to make the bed. I would go as far as to say I am the opposite. Yes, let's take time out of the hectic day to make up the bed that I am going to, without fail, mess up again later. Maybe if we have company I can see the reason, but you could also just close the door and problem solved. However, there is something oddly calming about coming home and seeing your nice clean made-up bed waiting for you. Something pleasant and orderly and relaxing. Plus--lkj doesn't understand the concept of a top sheet, so it's even easier to straighten. Worth it.

Just a few things.

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