Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'd like to draft a law about rainy days

that says: If it's raining when you wake up to get ready for work, you don't have to get out of bed until it stops raining. Much safer, don't you agree? 

I haven't spread hump day love in awhile

can't get enough:
Ohmygoodness fantasy football. I have been sucked in completely, and I'm feeling vastly unprepared. I have so many blogs and websites earmarked for hints and strategies, and I actually dreamed about it last night. I woke up suddenly and my head was swimming with stats and projected points. What can I say. It has posed a completely new and very heightened interest to the game outside of my Colts niche, and will likely soften the blow that is Peyton Manning getting older and less, shall we say, resilient. It should be an interesting season.
stuck in my head:
It's all Radiohead on this rainy Wednesday. We're getting some cast off from Hurricane Irene, and The Tourist is the perfect accompaniment.

give me some more:
Special K Fruit Crisps. It's the ladies pop-tart. No, I'm serious. Not that ladies can't have pop-tarts, but let's be honest, when was the last time you ate a pop-tart and didn't feel like you had to starve yourself for the rest of the day? No doubt every bite was enjoyable, but after that last one, the guilt sets in, and the sugar spikes, and then you are tired and feeling pudgy and ladies don't enjoy either of those things. These little snacks are the perfect alternative. They are thinner and less icing-based, but they totally capture the essence, and they are scrumptious.
can't put it down:
Seriously, fantasy football. And the September InStyle, which is fatter than my computer. I'm hoping it lasts me for a couple of months. Alex Skarsgard is in it. Swoon.
lesson learned:
less is more.
can't wait till:
I feel a little bad about being excited that some bride-to-be in Knoxville cancelled her wedding that was supposed to be this weekend, but it freed up my wonderful event-planning college roommate and her boo to rendezvous with me and lkj this weekend in Nashville. I heart them. And I heart Nashville. So I'm pretty pumped.
this week in stills:
Sav as spiderman [I cropped myself out. No one needs to see Amanda post-work out in a Thor hat.] and Shimi's new favorite spot to sit and attack whilst people are attempting to get ready.

half way there ya'll.

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