Monday, June 13, 2011

To everything turn, turn, turn.

Yesterday was a weird day.
It was like limbo in it's purest form.
My mind was betwixt and racing at grueling speeds like Oregon Trail.

As of 3pm yesterday I had finished my last serving shift at my little local bar that has paid my bills for about 10 months now.
I had gotten my emotions (tears. whatever.) out of the way earlier in the weekend, but it was bittersweet nonetheless.

It feels good to keep things moving forward(ish) and to be embarking on a new experience that will be good for me in some ways if not in others.
It will be what has lacked until now, and will lack in other ways that will continue my progression through working life, I imagine.
Or maybe I have found my calling at the ripe age of 23, but that sounds a little depressing, so I'm going with the former.

Still, yesterday, the vibe was all over the place.
[I have said before that I am a super vibe-believer.]
Energies and what not. They are emanating from people all of the time, and we react to one another's vibes bouncing off of each other like sound waves.
Call me crazy, I think it makes sense.

I think yesterday my vibes weren't sure what to do.
It was like everything in my life was transitioning notably in the slight space of 15 hours.
What was is is now was, what was could be is now is, and what could be is yet to present itself to me in some delusion of grandeur or hypothetical daydream.

It's strange how, in life, you find  yourself at these types of junctures.
The familiar is whisked away and the vast unknown becomes your new niche.
You must adapt and assimilate and learn and grow.
  You must embrace new opportunities and strive to draw from them whatever lessons you can so as to better your understanding of what you want to do and what makes you happy and how to reconcile the two.

The Byrds can bring it home.

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