Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I'm taking a week off from i heart wednesdays.
Not because I ceased to heart them, but because with the way it's been working out that's the most frequent post I do, and I'm going to get burnt soon.
And I want to talk about other stuff.
And I'm lazy.

It's hot. For real.
Vacations=people have to watch your house to make sure no one steals it slash take care of any animal inhabitants of said house.

lkj and I have been housesitting all week.
We are in charge for seven whole days.
We are housesitting in one of my favorite parts of town, and we are privvy to some luxury living including a pool and a beer-stocked fridge. [Well it was stocked. It no longer is.]
Sounds fun right?

I miss my house.
There is a certain stress level that accompanies any kind of extended sojourn.
It's the whole having to live out of a bag and not being around your stuff and not necessarily being able to do things the way you would prefer to do them thing.
It's not quite a vacation. You still have to uphold your normal responsibilities, just with a locational twist.
Combine that with a super nice house and two slightly high maintenance canines that belong to your friends parents, all of which are suddenly and unmistakably under your careful supervision for many days on end.
In the four days we've been there we've already popped two pool floats, extremely disfigured lkj's ankle, and the plants on the porch aren't looking their best, despite my best efforts.
So, how important, really, were those formerly pink flowers in the planters out front?
I'm just hoping we can make it through the next three nights without any major issues.

Moreover, this is my last week of working both jobs before I ease on into the big time. That means a myriad of things: I'm on working day 11 and I have some double duty days coming up that make me sleepy just thinking about them. Also I'm freaking out a little bit about the whole lifestyle transition thing.
Even better, our big surprise this week is actually really really small and adorable:
Yoshimi Kamini Gatita!
We call her Shimi for short. Or Yoshi. Or Itty Bitty Kitten Head.
Whichever you prefer.
She's quite vocal right now. And she's just the tiniest cutest little thing ever.

Oh and my car still sounds like a rainmaker and is leaking something from somewhere that is likely air conditioner-related and it's kind of making a stench and I'm really not ok with it.

So there is just a ton of stuff swirling around right now.
And here I thought things were about to simmer down for a minute.

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