Sunday, June 5, 2011

On 365 and getting attached

Hello, Sunday.

My blog is one year old today.
A year ago on this day I was sitting at the assignment desk in an empty TV station on a Saturday blogging about why I wanted to blog, completely unaware of the immediate and extremely different course my life would soon take.
365 short days later, I am 180 degrees somewhere else.

That somewhere else is Memphis, and PR, and marketing, and business casual.
But before that, it was pint nights, and brunches, and live music, and hot wing rolls. 
It paid my bills and it was pretty fun the whole time (although I wouldn't have admitted it through the course of it).
Best of all were the people. The really cool ones. The ones you really don't want to stop hanging out with.
And even though you shouldn't be sad when you leave a bar gig for a big girl job, sometimes you just are because you have a habit of getting too attached to things.

But everything keeps moving forward and you can't think too much about it because pretty soon you'll be left behind. You have to just look forward. That way, whatever is coming next won't smack you in the head.

I think I'm mostly just nervous that I'll be boring.
Because when you work at a bar you are, by default, not boring.
It works out nicely.

But, this is a new opportunity for me to get attached.
And this time, I get to get attached to a job that points me in the right direction for, you know, that thing you figure out that you enjoy doing in life.
Whatever that is.

happy birthday blog! 
I think the first year of documentation on twenty-something neurosis has been a success.

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  1. A success, indeed :) and you always have me and the other monkey family members to come AO got hired on downtown.