Wednesday, June 1, 2011

kitty at my foot and i waaaaanna touch it.

Coffee + Multivitamins with energy = Amped Amanda.
This morning I have made at least 5 outlandish goals that I will no doubt have to re-evaluate at some point. But it's fun to be super motivated.
And sometimes the goals stick. You never can tell.

can't get enough:
I am lathering on the Cocoa Butter this week. In the aftermath of the Hangout sunburn [which, in all honesty, could have been a lot worse], I am trying my darndest to retain as much of the tan as possible until I can get poolside again. Plus I'm trying to keep the peeling to a minimum. Mostly because it is isolated to a few strange areas, including the tops of my feet and one lone rectangle on my forearm. Thanks spray sunscreen.
stuck in my head:
Kitty [The Presidents of the United States of America]. Great summertime listening. Kind of reminds me a little of Weezer's blue album, and also my childhood. [Peaches was my jam at age 7]. The whole album is pretty fantastic, but this song gets stuck in my brain like no other. It's also hilarious.
give me some more:
I'm digging the new froyo shop craze that has hit Memphis in recent months. I now have an awesome yogurt yummy treat store within 5 minutes of any place that I frequent. Downtown job (Dream Berry), Midtown Job (YoLo), and home sweet home in East Memphis (Yogurt Mountain- my personal favorite). If you haven't been, you should fix that. They charge by the ounce so you can pile on as little or as much as you want. Any place that has strawberry pop tarts as a topping wins.
lesson learned:
Big girl paychecks are fun.
can't wait till:
You know, I'm not really counting down to anything this week, which is weird but also kind of nice. I needed a minute for things to settle a bit. I'm totally going zen and living in the moment.

That's it for this week. It's a little abbreviated.
Happy JUNE! We still have 3 weeks until summer officially starts, but Memphis get's really excited about summer, and I think it think's it's already supposed to be rainforest-esque.

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