Tuesday, May 31, 2011

don't be a prune sucker.

If all weekends were three day weekends, I think the general population would be in a much better mood about everything.

Mostly because that would mean one less day of working your [probably awful awesome] 8 to 5. Which coincides wonderfully with one more day of doing whatever it is that floats your weekend boat.

Maybe it's seeing a dumb comedy and eating way too much cheese dip.
Maybe it's finally washing the bird disrespect off of your car after looking at it loathingly for about two weeks too long.
Maybe it's riding your bike so you don't feel as bad about all the cheese dip.

Or maybe it's catching up with your old hens.
Or going to the park.
Or speed bowling.

It could even be shopping.
Or eating so much bbq that you find some leftover later on the back of your shirt.
Or maybe it's just sitting on the couch and enjoying the hell out of it.

Yesterday at the mall, the lady at the cash wrap said, "You just look so happy. Just all smiles."
I hadn't realized I was smiling. I laughed, thanked her, and chocked it up to a good couple of days.
She continued, "It's nice to see somebody smiling. A lot of people come up here looking like they've been sucking on prunes."

I thought that was a perfect way to put it.
Case in point: three day weekends are good for the soul.
Can we petition or something?

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