Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i may see you, i may tell you to run

can't get enough:
Coffee. I'm a zombie this week after the weekend's festivities.
stuck in my head:
Send Me On My Way [Rusted Root] It's a great happy summer traveling song, and it was also in Matilda, which kind of makes me really happy. That movie was awesome.
give me some more:
Salt and Pepper Pistachios. It sounds weird, but they are delicious. You may have to fight lkj for them, but they are worth it in the end.
can't put it down:
Tie between Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me [pretty hilarious so far] and the May Issue of InStyle [it's huge and full of things I want.]
lesson learned:
Let it go.
can't wait till:
I can rendezvous with my ladies! Four of my closest girls are finally all in town for semi-permenant stay, and once all of our schedules allow us, we are due a reunion.
this week in stills:
More hangout love

Happy half-way point! The weekend is super close, and this one's a long one :)

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