Tuesday, May 24, 2011

byyyee hangout

When I was a kid, I was always the one who got really upset when the party was over and everyone had to go home.
I was always the most excited about field trips and play days and stuff like that.
Vacations were my absolute favorite.

As an adult, I haven't really changed that much.
I am still the one who gets the most excited about holidays and gatherings.
I am still in love with vacationing of any kind.
And I still get really bummed when it's over.

Tuesday, it's not your fault that you suck.
Who could possibly follow such a fantastic weekend?
The beach alone has you beat, not to mention all the music and the laughing and the ridiculousness.
Probably next week, you won't seem so bad.

Beach, you are my favorite.
And I think that you love me too, since you sent so much sand home with me.
That means a lot.
Thanks for a chance to let it go.
P.S.- You're looking good ;)

[view from the ferris wheel at the festival]

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