Wednesday, May 18, 2011

no need to stress, keeps you down too much

It has been an interesting week.
One of those weeks where you can't help but question pretty much everything that you are doing and barely skirt a nervous breakdown trying to figure out the best direction only to succumb to the sweet release of apathy.
And my roots were orange for a minute, that was cool.
They aren't anymore.

can't get had enough:
Random fact, but at my PR job, I do a lot of monitoring of Google and Twitter feeds. The feeds are generated through key words that have to do with our clients. Pretty simple, right? Well, one of our clients is a hotel downtown that shares its name with a square garden venue in New York. Unfortunately, there is no way to differentiate between the two, even by adding "Memphis" to the key words. Because of this, I am forced to read daily countless tweets from GROWN WOMEN [as in girls 16 and above] who are STILL talking about Justin Bieber. Now, I'm not positive, but I don't think that kid has had a show at the Garden in months. These girls are still tweeting about how he sold out the venue in like 20 minutes and how he was inspired by Taylor Swift's show there and how anytime anyone mentions M.S.G. they almost CRY thinking of Justin. IT. MAKES. ME. ILL. STOP IT. You are OLD ENOUGH to understand how stupid you sound. If you must have an illegitimate crush on some jailbait boy [hey, we've all been there] KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. Sincerely, your future embarrassment.** 
stuck in my head:
REVOFEV. I've been on the Cudi train for a few days. I find his tunes are good for stress. He's so adorable, too.
[no sample this week, grooveshark is being a wank]
gimme some more:
Chocolate. Just give me some chocolate. Any chocolate. I'm going through withdrawals.
can't put it down:
Broke my own cardinal rule of finishing a book before starting a new one. I've taken a step back from I Found This Funny [through no fault of it's own, mostly just because I got kind of busy and missed a few days and then Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me came out...] I'm a sucker for her books, and I wanted to have a light read for the beach trip this weekend, but I couldn't make myself wait to start it. How this woman gets away with all of the crazy bs she pulls is amazing, and also hilarious. I wish that was my job, in SO many ways. Totally jealous.
lesson learned:
Oh, box hair color, you fickle friend, you. Apparently the Garnier people's idea of the color of roasted coffee differs vastly from my roots'  impression of roasted coffee. Thank you , L'Oreal for manufacturing "root rescue" and thank  you mom for fixing it promptly and dealing with my hysteria all the while.
can't wait till:
Hangout. Tomorrow. End.
this week in stills:
Finally uploaded the pics of the dart showdown--although one is kind of blurry--and got a couple good ones of me and my ladies downtown all believing in Memphis and what not.

**I would like to add that I am not hating on these ladies for liking J.B. To each her own, and all that jazz. Lord knows I've had celeb crushes on some doozies. BUT, Twitter has added an unsightly element to these unrequited loves, and it's embarrassing. So, girls, let's think before you tweet about your undying devotion to a 17 year old pop idol, ok?

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