Wednesday, June 15, 2011

i do not heart the slump.

So, it is my first official week in a legit 8 to 5 scenario.

I was thinking to myself, "Self, this will be grand. The i heart wednesday love will be the essence of what it was meant for today, the true embodiment of its intentions- to spread a little happiness mid week in the spirit of being halfway to the weekend."

Then, this morning smacked me unexpectedly in the face.
It was a little rude, to be frank.
I was unprepared.

I won't go into the whole thing. Just know that there were high tensions and leaking cars and ants (!?!) and garage doors that play mind games and a myriad of other things that made this morning less than ideal.

Also, I think the day started sour in part because I'm used to this being a "Friday" of sorts. Previously, this would be my last day of the week at the 8 to 5; I do my yoga class, sleep a little later on Thursday, and proceed to hang out at a bar for four days. (Working, but still.)
Not this week.
No ma'am.
Time to wake up and smell the Wednesday slump.
Far enough along to be burnt out, not far enough to actually feel the relief of the weekend wafting towards you.

So, naturally, I'm freaking out.

Life transitions are hard.

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