Thursday, June 30, 2011

shifting weight

Today is another weird day.
[Noticing a trend here.]

I'm thinking that, after today, there will certainly still be weird days, but considerably less in such a short span of time.
But we'll see.

Today is the last day, and it means two completely different things.

For one, it's the last day of the safety net.
It's the last day to have a scapegoat.
It's the last day of trying to squeeze out as much information as you possibly can and cram it somewhere in your brain files for later use. 
Right now, the brain files are so stuffed to the brim that things are beginning to fall on the floor of the brain. This is disconcerting because everyone knows that the floors are swept at night. 
Mandatory, to keep a clean shop. 
It could be gone forever. Who knows.

For the other, it is the last day of full responsibility.
It is the last day of important deadlines and overlapping schedules.
It's the last day of Business as Usual.

As with most things, the last day usually means that, shortly thereafter, there will be a 
first day.
Tomorrow is the first day.
Again, it's a split.

For one, it will be the first day of full responsibility.
The first day of important deadlines and overlapping schedules, plus some.
It will be the first day of  Business as Usual, once you figure out what Business as Usual is.

For the other, it will be the first day of a new freedom.
The first day of trying something different.
It will be the first day of starting from square one.

It's hard to tell which is the better hand, or if there is such a distinction.
When speaking in terms of future gains and putting in time, how do you denote the pay-out?
It's hardly clear which is one and which is the other.

The clear thing is this:
As she moves madly around, sending goodbye messages and sifting through years of lost files, one by one the weights lift off of her shoulders.
It's plainly visible.
She stands upright and breathes a sigh of relief.

And as the weights leave her, one by one, they come to a new resting place.
And the task is mine.

Check me out--I think this counts as being famous?

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