Tuesday, June 28, 2011

calling all cooks..

I have come to the painful realization recently that I am not the greatest chef.
Personally, I was shocked.
My mom is an excellent cook. As is my Grandma. I figured it was hereditary.

Apparently it is not.

Now, by "not the greatest chef" I mean I can manage to throw together a couple of delicious key meals that I have mastered [which require very little creative input] and thus am not a total lost cause, but beyond that I could use some serious guidance.

For example, there was some chicken spaghetti a couple of weeks ago that had all the potential for success but, at the last minute, turned out to be the thickest thing ever.

It is difficult for me to admit this to the blogosphere when there are an inordinate amount of weblogs swirling around out there that detail delicious recipes and creative concoctions that someone whipped up magically for his or her significant other and then photographed neatly, placing it right in front of me to further my sense of despair.

I am all at once a sub-par chef, terrible live-in girlfriend, blog taboo, and potential future-mom fail.
It's too much pressure!  
So, in the spirit of not being all of those things, and being healthier, I have made it my personal goal to learn to be a better chef.

A good part of this endeavor will include me harrassing my mother for recipes and instructions.
But you can help too!
I would love your suggestions for some staple recipes, good cookbooks, or even an affordable cooking class you may have tried [that would be too fun].

My future children thank you in advance. 

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