Thursday, June 23, 2011

late is the new punctual

That's probably not all that true.
But today, it works.

can't get enough:
it's always sunny in philadelphia. lkj and I have been on an IASIP binge, to the point that I now feel that I should be able to get away with ridiculous and usually politically incorrect gags including but not limited to my own extreme home makeover that will win me my "vision board". 
stuck in my head:
Ok I hated on it at first, but now I kind of love it. Roll Up by Wiz Khalifa. Great summer listen. I would go as far as to say it's the new No Stress. [hey-o 2008!]
lesson learned:
The longer you stay away from the gym, the harder it is to go back. I haven't seen a treadmill in over a month [yikes]. Next week, next week...
can't wait till:
There will be a huge inflatable water slide at my house on Saturday. It's going down.
this week in stills:
the last 15 pictures on my phone are all devoted to this little ball of fire

thursdays are kind of cooler than wednesdays anyway.

p.s. happy birthday savannah!
You don't read my blog really but how on earth did you get to be 7 years old you are like a real person now and it kind of freaks me out [in the best way of course]

beautiful girl :)

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