Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April showers? More like April STORMS!

Is anyone else a big storm weenie?
Ok, ok timeout.
Let us define storm.
Storm, as in rain and some thunder and maybe a little lightening and some cool sounds, I'm totes on board with.
Storm, as in torrential downpours, high winds, damaging debris, tornado sirens, hail, no power [dead phone], less sleep than is ideal, and all the food in the fridge going bad, I'll pass.
Also, the sirens freak me out.
No one pays attention to them!
Multiple times here recently I have been ready to lead the troops onward to the lower levels. Grab the dogs and the cats and some pillows and some shoes and lets get the hell outta dodge [dodge being higher places with windows.]
But no one else seems as concerned as me.
Least of all lkj, who is more upset about not being able to lay in the bed and sleep than the actual storm itself.

So I'm like, when are we going to get serious, folks?! Because, apparently, Memphis has confused itself with Kansas and we are playing host to all kinds of severe weather this April. ALSO, the tornado is not going to announce itself before it rips through the neighborhood.
[I watched Twister too many times as a kid I think.]

Here is our forecast for tonight. Can you tell me what is wrong with this picture?!
A. We almost were in the clear but, oh wait, nope we're not.
B. WHAT DOES THE WHITE MEAN?! There are codes for the red and the orange threat levels! Where is the WHITE BOX to tell us what we are store for? I mean I see the little descriptors, but they don't even have a weather genre for what's barreling towards us. Kind of ominous, wouldn't you agree?

Godspeed, Memphians [and all other affected mystery-white threat level areas]
I'll catch up with you all tomorrow, if the power is still on :P

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  1. Totally agree with the fact that no one seems to care about sirens anymore. I DO. I do think that Twister has taken its toll on our storm fears. Boo tornadoes.