Monday, April 25, 2011

Connections to your Former Self

Do you ever have random moments where, for about 30 seconds give or take, you feel exactly the same as you did when you were a care-free kiddie?
[If not, you should try it out. It's weird.]
This has happened to me a few times recently, and being the over-analyzer that I am, I of course take it to mean something, although I don't know what exactly.

So I did that wine race a few weeks ago? I was thinking about it the other day and I had a flashback to my 7 [or so]-year-old self. I was in the car with my mom and we were driving past Overton Square [they used to do the races in that big parking lot behind it] and I saw people with trays running back and forth and shouting and jumping.
"What are they doing?"
"That's the wine race. It's part of Memphis in May."
"Ohhh. I want to do the wine race..."
16 years later, mission accomplished.

We bought bikes. Did I mention that? Well, yes, we sold our souls to Target and now we have two new bikes and mine is purple and I am super pumped.
We hopped on them right as we rolled them out of the automatic doors.
The first time the wind hit me in the face I felt like I shrank about 6 inches and I could have sworn it was 13 years ago and my bike was the end all be all of life.
It was my car, for all intents and purposes, and when you're 10, that is all you need. A bike. Life is awesome with a bike when you are 10.

Can I tell you also that it is freaking me out how much math I have to do to figure out how many years ago it was that I was 10?
Feeling a little ancient at the moment.
We are gonna breeze right on by that.

I went to a skating party with my lil sis over the weekend.
It was a birthday party for a 7-year-old.
It was her first time skating, so every time she fell, I fell.
I was in shorts.
Anyways, I remember those rinks being a lot bigger back in the day. And I remember it feeling like we skated for hours and hours on end.
I was the only adult that skated, but whatever. Worth it.

Anyways, those are the biggest examples.
But it got me thinking about the things that you want when you are little and how uncomplicated and wonderful life was and how, maybe you should hold on to those desires and ways of thinking sometimes when you are older.
It stands to reason that those were our most intrinsic feelings and sometimes, even though we have completely changed as people and we obviously can't act like 10-year-olds all the time, it's interesting to see how you can still relate to that person.

I have been inspired to write a bucket list, bearing in mind my former self. Stay tuned for that work in progress.

Happy Monday!

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