Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What was that?!?

Let me start by saying happy centennial to my blog!
This is my 100th post, took me about 10 months to get here, and I think it has grown a whole heck of a lot in the process. I would also really like to thank everyone that reads my blog on the regs, because that is just super cool.
you are just super cool!

I discovered last night that how much of a chicken I am.
I try to front like I can handle ghost stories and scary movies and what not, but the honest to goodness truth is that I am still legit afraid of the dark.
Last night, lkj and I were settling in to beddy-by and having a little chit chat when all of the sudden there was a huge BOOM that sounded like it was right outside the window behind our bed [which would be the backyard fyi]. Of course we froze on the spot, barely breathing to see if we could hear anything else. At this point we had no idea what caused the noise.
[In my head, it reminded me eerily of that scene from Paranormal Activity where the ghost makes that huge noise that shakes their whole house and they freak out, and when they go downstairs the chandelier is swinging? yea...]
So he's looking out back to see if there is an obvious source of the boom, which there isn't.
Here I am thinking, Ok, if someone were to actually break in and try to rob us, the alarm would go off and lkj has a bat so I mean really we would be fine. Unless that robber has a better weapon than a bat, or it's actually the ghost that lives here and he is really upset that we are leaving.
So we decide to move past the noise, blaming it on the upcoming storm, and I turn off the light to go to sleep. Of course right as I am about to drift away to nothingness, it happens again. I am once again covered in goose bumps, barely breathing and trying to think of the best escape route.

We eventually came to agree that it was the outer shed door flailing in the wind and hitting the house. But I decided right then and there that, unfortunately, I am kind of a wimp.
I would be useless in a real threat-terror situation. I would be the one hiding behind someone and or crying and or running like hell to the nearest exit.

It's the little girl complex. In either of the two threat-terror scenarios, I am not likely to emerge victorious. Either it's a- a robber [or one of the guys from the Strangers, ick.] in which case my best bet is to go for the nads and run , or b- it's a ghost, in which case I will reason with myself that it's not actually real and I'm just freaked out..but that won't get me too far if I am mistaken in that assumption.

Maybe I should take some jujitsu and learn how to lay somebody out.
of course, I'd still be S.O.L if it was a ghost....

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  1. don't go for the nads, go for the throat. that's what the husband always tell me.

    Go by starbucks (remind him that you're my friend) and ask him to show you the "go for the throat" hand motion.

    happy 100th post :)