Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Don't forget to cut in.

This week is proving to be the busiest week of life.

Between 3 work schedules [my 2 + his 1], and an unexpected visit from my dad, Lkj and I are also in the process of moving this week.
This process includes, but is certainly not limited to, lots of painting. I have never really
 painted a house before, but I figured it can't be that hard, right?
Ha. Ha.
Also, my rom-com saturated brain had fleeting visions of cute moving project-flirting [think innocent paint fights, resulting in little splatters on faces and general giggly fun with your significant other.]
I quickly remembered that this would not be the case.
A. My body is sorer than it has ever been I think. I didn't realize painting was so physically taxing, but I woke up this morning wagering against my entire future career that getting out of bed was impossible.
B. Removing wall paper is some kind of cruel joke that a previous homeowner plays on the unsuspecting buyer and subsequent remodeler. It takes forever, it's extremely messy, and you can't for the life of you get it all off. It's quite frustrating.

All this said, the house is coming along fantastically!
We had some slight mishaps with the trim work, so we'll be doing some ceiling spot-painting [ehm...], and we have to regroup and devise a new and more cut-throat approach to defeat the evil floral wallpaper so that we can paint our bathroom a nice bright yellow.

Take a look at this craftsmanship-I did this one pretty much solo.

If you can't tell, it's ok. It goes from a powdery blue to a nice even beige.

t-minus 4 days till move in!

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