Tuesday, March 29, 2011

[barely] organized chaos.

Everything is crazy.
Life has decided to play twister with me. Left foot downtown, right foot 25 minutes to the right.

We moved! Well, they moved my stuff, mostly. I was at work. Complete coincidence.
There's stuff everywhere! One of lkj's "bags" (trash bags) of clothing exploded all over our bedroom last night. I've lost some things already in the abyss.
(Might I add that moving with a boy is a lot to ask of an ocd girl. Boys are just...boys.)

 I can't believe the couch fit up the stairs.

The mirrors are not hung yet. You can imagine trying to get ready for your professional internship whilst doing your makeup in the tiny hand held mirror normally suited for viewing the back of your hair in a LARGER mirror. 

I've spent entirely too much money on food that did not come from my house. I have no excuse except that we really didn't move that much food, and I don't know where the toaster is yet.

We bought out Target's home decor section last night. Now we have more boxes to unpack and assemble.

I haven't been to the gym in years it seems like. I am going in two days. Until then I am going to try to walk up the mountain of stairs at our new house a bunch of times. Also, I bought an exercise ball, so maybe there's something in that area.

Everything is crazy. But that's ok, because I'm getting better at the crazy. I think maybe this is just how real life goes, and once you think it is going to calm down, you will find some new and even more ridiculous thing to be flustered about.

It keeps things interesting, to say the least.

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