Tuesday, March 29, 2011

to the cloud [the soundcloud]

So if you have ever ridden in my car or been around when it's my turn to pick the music at the group hang, you know that I like Girl Talk. A lot.
A good friend of mine recently discovered what can be described as a vault of girl talk-esque sound treats for your ear hole.

It's called SoundCloud.
It's legit.

If you've ever thought to yourself, "Self, I feel like if you put a Kanye track over that Bob Marley beat it would sound really awesome," then you will love SoundCloud.

Except [x 50,000] because I could never have thought of all of these ridiculously clever mashup combinations.
It's crazy. [You know how I like the crazy]

User driven, so if you really do think to yourself, "Self, I think that Weezer beat would go great with an old school Biggie flow," you can just mosey on over to the SoundCloud, post it up, and then get famous [except don't post that one, it's already there. And by famous, I mean like get some nice compliments on your music style by some semi-qualified sound lovers. But I'm pretty sure that counts.]


Weezer vs Notorious BIG Big Poppa in Beverly Hills by TheFrenchDjSwift

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