Wednesday, December 1, 2010

These days

It seems like all I do these days are Wednesday love lists. Every time I turn around it's time for another one. Luckily I have lots of things to love.

wednesday love list
can't get enough of- the cold weather. I know I complain about how cold it is, but I really don't mind it so much. Anyway it doesn't start feeling like Christmas around here until the cold settles in. Which in our case is right about now. At least it made it in time for December. I can't deal with mild Christmases.
tuning my fancy- the entire Brothers album by the Black Keys. I've had it in my car CD player for about a week now so I've listened to all the tracks about 18 times. It's a great album, with just the right amount of soul and stank.
craving- soup in a bread bowl. Preferably country potato. I had it last week. I want it again.
can't put down- my Sudoku book [Will Shortz]. I've recently rekindled my love of the numbered puzzles.
life lesson- Antibiotics work. You needn't wait a week with a sinus infection before realizing this. I actually emerged from my cave today, went to work, and enjoyed moving around for the first time in over a week. I feel like a real person again.
looking forward to- decorating for Christmas! I'm in the process of scrounging up a tree, and lkj and I have new stockings [which he has promised he will adorn with our names in cool letters very soon.] Christmas makes me happy. 

Speaking of Christmas, lkj and I watched a special last night on the History Channel called the Real Story of Christmas. Of course we all know the Santa Claus is a fable modeled after St. Nicholas. But this show went into a little more depth than your average elementary school class about pretty much all of our favorite traditions, like the tree and the lights and how we even came to celebrate Christmas when we do. Christians celebrate the holiday as Jesus' birthday. I thought it was slightly humorous, however, that the reason it is celebrated it in December stems from a pagan celebration of the shortest day of the year. They brought the greens inside from the cold, used the lights to "push away the darkness", and had to slaughter calves that they couldn't afford to feed. To them, it seemed like the perfect time for a feast, so they had one. They called it Noel. Much later, Christians decided to expand on this holiday in honor of the king-child's birthday, although they weren't sure when his actual birthday was.
Interesting, huh?

And now we use it as an excuse to buy everybody presents and drink egg nog and sing ridiculous songs and fill socks with candy and pens and book lights.
It's awesome.

So now you've had your lesson for the day.

Yours, truly

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