Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh, hey....

Where have I been?
Why have I been neglecting my web log?
What insane twist of fate could keep me from detailing my über-exciting life to all of you?

In truth, the past 10 days have been a blur of food, football, family and friends, and heavy sinus medication. It's difficult to differentiate separate days but for a few select events that stick out in my mind.

Let me catch you up.
My last post was that I was going to see Harry Potter 7pt.1?
Well it was amazing
I worked the entire weekend after that, closing the bar three nights in a row and waking up on Tuesday last with a pesky sinus infection.
I proceeded to self-medicate and sleep.
Wednesday, with the help of my neti-pot and a hefty dose of Day Quil, I returned to work.
That same day, [and possibly to my detriment] I found I felt well enough at least to follow through with some upstanding dinner plans with someone visiting for the break, who just so happened to be my best friend from kindergarten. Oh, and it was the birthday of another good friend of mine, so I felt compelled to celebrate with him.
That brings us to Thursday? Thanksgiving deliciousness. Still sick, but thankfully and happily in the hands of one form of family or another all day, each of whom insisted on feeding me until I fell into a turkey-induced stupor.
Friday. I think I slept for the majority of the day. I was feeling better at this point, so I decided it would be alright if I ventured downtown with my girlfriends.
Saturday? Another day of sleeping. Followed by work, followed by a new phase of the ick, the coughing phase.
Sunday. More work. More coughing.
Monday. I've had enough, I cave to the antibiotics. I think I was awake for a grand total of 7 hours the entire day.

So here we are, on Tuesday. Still recuperating. And now I've admitted to all of you how much of a sloth I have been for going on two weeks.

I've missed my little mac!
I've missed reading up on all of your Thanksgiving festivities.
I missed Black Friday [which was at least halfway on purpose, due to my lack of funds and my inability to combat a sale.] I also missed all the Cyber sales, which is kind of unfortunate.
I can't keep from feeling as though I am already behind for Christmas.
My room is in disarray, and there is an Amanda-shaped dent in the bed.
And if that wasn't enough, my Colts are nearly at a 500 for their record, and that is not okay.
Feels like the holidays!?

Here's to taking the antibiotic energy bursts and cleaning up, taking a walk, catching up on emails, and getting myself back on track.
I've got Christmas cards to get out.

Yours, truly

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