Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Make me a thrifty santa

It's time to get serious.
I have to really buckle down.
I've discussed before the fact that I am not very deft at saving money....Well, despite my best efforts, I haven't really gotten much better as of late. Probably because I'm playing it a little fast and loose with the term "best" efforts.
Also, not to make excuses for my less than kosher saving habits, but in my defense nonetheless, I work at a restaurant, so my livelihood is dependent upon the ebb and flow of customers. Lately it has been a little more ebb and a little less flow.
All this to say that Christmas is a short 39 days away.
[Get excited!]
Even if I become a champion saver in the next few weeks, I would still need a holiday miracle to pull off the kind of gifts I would like to get for everyone.
So I need to get creative.
This holiday season I'll be experimenting with some new and tasty treats, and trying my hand at a little artistic flare in an attempt to gussy up some non-expensive gift ideas. And I need to get started pretty soon to leave myself some room for trial and error [which I am certain will be my case. Especially in the art area...]
Also- No more visiting Target on a whim.
[It gets me every time. I'm powerless over that store.]

If anyone has any creative insights for this non-artist, or any tried and true web suggestions for thrifty gift ideas, please pass them my way!

In the spirit of being productive, I have also decided to extend myself a new and improved Monday challenge. Lately, lkj and I have been jogging together, which has turned out to be pretty great for both of us in lots of ways. Now, I've decided to focus on Yoga. I've always loved the practice, and I've been thinking that if I really focus on perfecting it, I could get certified to teach a fitness class. This makes my OCD very happy because it is lucrative and healthy and happy all at the same time.

Today, however, is a rainy day. 
I am looking forward to doing as little as possible in it's honor.

Yours, truly

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