Tuesday, September 28, 2010

not your run-of-the-mill penny pincher

So, I've never been a great saver.
I've always tried to be a good saver, to put money in a savings account for emergencies or the future or what have you. But I've never been really successful therein...
It's because I'm a very instant gratification kind of person.
Saving means not doing something now, so that you may have the pleasure of enjoying something else later, whether that be cushioning a rough financial blow, or, you know, buying a house.
Well that's not very much fun right now.

The fact that I realize this personal flaw, compounded with my more frugal better half, has helped me to be much more mindful of what I spend and how I save. And to be fair, it's not all that easy to be a great saver when you're working a gig where your weekly paycheck is dependent on the good will and conscience of patrons. But, I really do try.
At least I have convinced myself so.

I don't buy everything I want.
I try to be economical with necessities and the like.
I turn off all the lights and take shorter showers. [Not at the same time...]
I pick up shifts and stay late in hopes of raking in a few extra bucks.

My current goal is to not eat out so much, so I'm wal-marting it tomorrow so I can cook meals at home more and, thus, save money.

So, you see, because I am following all of these wonderful yet tedious guidelines, I think that it is ok to reward myself slightly.

It's not my fault. It's the Fall Sale Specials in the VS catalogue.
They struck at the perfect time-right as the cool weather started moving in.
Of course I need this super trendy yet wonderfully comfortable cardigan!
Leggings? Well, yes, I was planning on buying some new ones! Oh, they are on sale?? I'll take two.

Some things never change.

Yours, truly

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