Wednesday, September 29, 2010

i heart the fear.

My friend's house is haunted.
She's a good friend, otherwise I would probably avoid her house any time that it is dark outside.

Let me preface this by saying that I watched a scary movie tonight.
I used to love scary movies. When I was younger, like pre-teen type young, I watched all kinds of scary movies and I was never really scared of anything. I thought myself very level-headed.
Then I saw The Ring.
You remember? The one with the creepy drenched crazy girl who crawls out of TV's and kills unsuspecting victims and warps their faces because they watched some weird homemade video a week before?
That movie scared me bad, and out of nowhere! It was that nasty face that pops up at you, surprising you unpleasantly and sending chills through your whole body instantly. It just jumps right out there at you! No warning! I would put a picture up but I don't want to catch anyone off guard and freak them out unknowingly. It was gross. And I think that was the turning point. After that I started to be legitimately scared of scary movies.

Last Halloween I watched too many scary movies in a short period of time, and I got all paranoid and skittish for a minute. We watched all of the classics, and then I topped off the list with a movie that had just come to theaters, Paranormal Activity.
Also really scary.
Not real. Still scary.

We watched that tonight. At my friend's haunted house.
It wasn't as bad the second time, considering I knew what to expect and when certain scary bumps and jumps were going to happen. But, still. I got a little worked up.

She doesn't help the situation. She thinks it's funny when I'm freaked.
And she likes to tell stories about the creepy things that she hears on her creaky wooden stairs in her house with unsettling mirrors placed in eerily scary spaces.
She also makes me brownies, so it evens out.

Truth be told, I get a kick out of it too.
I mean I'm completely scared, and I never wish to see a figure or shape or anything. I'm straight on that.
But it is funny how we love to hate to be scared.

I guess we're getting a jump start on Halloween this year.
I think I want to be a flapper...

Yours, truly

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