Monday, October 18, 2010

Rearrange your funk.

I'm not quite sure what I've been doing since I last checked in. Probably watching HDTV and eating far too many Tootsie rolls, or something along those lines.
I've got some new things brewing, the main one being that I recently applied to write freelance for an online news source [focusing on local content]-and they liked my writing! The pay won't be anything fantastic, at least not right away, but I'm kind of excited at having the opportunity to publish some of my writing and build up a portfolio and sit in a coffee shop with my Mac and write articles like a real live writer.
So that's happy!

This weekend, lkj and I decided to be productive with our Saturday and wash our cars [which are already dusty again. I love having a black car but seriously-I'm too OCD to deal with one in such a pollen-filled season...] and we ended up getting carried away with cleaning and rearranged our entire bedroom.
I used to love doing this when I was little, and it's actually healthy to change up your room every now and then to freshen up your chi and what not.
So, we rearranged the whole room, actually finding a better way to use the space we have, and even making a compromise with the [awkwardly huge but still functioning] TV. It now sits in front of the bed, [and it's kind of luxurious] and our energy totally changed! I've said before that I am a big believer in energies, and changing around the room was the perfect re-charge for the space and for us.
I've recently discovered that when you live with your significant other and have to deal with the everyday things of life together-like paying rent and getting groceries and folding laundry- you have to find little ways to spice it up, and rearranging turned out to be a great way for us to clear the air.

In keeping with the energy state of mind, I am going to go do a some yoga for my active thing today [I've been doing pretty good with my Monday Challenge! I got three cardio workouts in last week and took some nice walks. So I'm hoping I can keep it up if I start this week off with on a productive note.]

I hope every one's Monday hasn't been as lame as the thought it was going to be, and if it was, at least it's almost over, and there will be football on later to help you recoup.

Yours, truly

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  1. Is the online source the "examiner"? just curious because I had seen them everywhere and was wondering if I should try to write for them also.