Thursday, October 14, 2010

i love thursdays, too...

I'm a day late on this week's love list, but in my defense, I had started a post yesterday evening that was interrupted by an impromptu chinese take out dinner and wine date.
Clearly, the dan dan noodles have a pull over me.

But Thursday's are just as good a day, right?
This week I'm loving
-sticking to my Monday challenge [for the most part...]
-planning a few upcoming and exciting weekend adventures
-wine in long-stemmed glasses
-lkj's new flat screen TV
-being one day closer to the weekend

Unfortunately, this week I have one glaring un-love, and that is my continuing lack of a creative and awesome and inexpensive Halloween costume idea. A friend and I went by the party shop a couple days ago to scope out some ideas and see what we had to work with... I had been thinking I could be a flapper, so I was trying to see how much a costume along those lines would run me. Just a cheaply made fringe dress and an elastic head piece is 25 bones, and that doesn't include any of the fun stuff [like a fiery red feather boa and an old-timey cigarette holder, how fun!] 
I'm still stumped.
I want to wear a wig, because when else can you really get away with that with no explanation required? I don't really want to buy a run-of-the-mill costume either, because that is kind of boring and expensive, and I'd like to take a little creative license with it. 

Another negative in this scenario is that at the end of the summer, when I moved back to Memphis from my college apartment, I got rid of a lot of unnecessary clothing items in an attempt to consolidate and de-clutter myself. Unfortunately, it is that kind of stuff that comes in handy when trying to pull together a homemade costume.

So, the search continues I guess.
The reason I want to find a good costume so badly is that this is the first Halloween in years that I'll be home with the bf and this particular group of amigos to celebrate, and I'm actually off work that Saturday, so we can all go out and do what we do... I want to have a super cool costume!
It's so much easier for guys. Lkj has a slew of costume ideas [from me! Apparently when it's not my costume, I'm a labyrinth of creativity] including Where's Waldo, Donnie Darko, or the classic sheet ghost [which I think would be absolutely hilarious considering how tall he is, ha!]
I got nothing.

Yours, truly

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