Friday, October 22, 2010

Lifestyles of the not-so-rich and moderately famous.

I rediscovered an inner self-desire last night.

It happened while I was volunteering at Indie Memphis Film Festival [perks of working at a bar-you meet lots of people with connections. Hand people Newcastle's and I get to keep all the tips? Why not.] The energy at the festival was pretty exciting, with all of the anxious filmmakers and their entourages who put their heart and souls into these movies.
As I was satiating people's thirst for a hearty ale, I felt that feeling in my tummy that can only signify one thing- jealousy. Ok it wasn't really jealousy, because I didn't automatically dislike any of these people for their getting to do things I don't. It was more just a strong desire to be a part of that scene. 

When I was little, it was my ultimate dream to be an actress. I mean really.
If anyone asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, it was to act.
As a wee lass, I would dress up in my mom's old gowns every time the Academy Awards came on. Yeah, like I was going to be walking down the red carpet myself.
Later, in high school, I was cast in quite a few plays, my most notable role being Cinderella in Steven Sondheim's [musically insane] Into the Woods. It was an absolute blast.
Point is, I always wanted to be in Hollywood, on the silver screen, living glamorously. [I think I would be so good at living glamorously...]

Of course, once it came to making decisions about college and majors and what not, acting kind of a took a backseat. I was torn between childhood fantasy, and actually making enough money to pay the bills after college [little did I know, right?].

Don't get me wrong, my passion is writing. And truth be told, I can't see myself doing the whole Hollywood thing. I'd like to maintain a more low-key lifestyle. But after being around all the Indie actors last night, I realized that I still have that inner dream to be an actress. Indie film seems like a perfect compromise! It's Hollywood on a smaller, yet incredibly interesting scale.

It's no surprise that I am completely jel of Mindy Kaling.
Yeah, I follow her on Twitter, what?
If you aren't an Office fanatic, like myself, you may not know that Kaling is one of the show's brilliant writers, and she also plays Kelly Kapur.
She's hilarious.
 How awesome would that be? 
Combining my passion and my dream all in one! 
If only.

So, on a whim, I chatted it up with a director of one of the feature short films at the festival. He's a friend of a friend type.
 Hey, you never know!

For my rigorous beertending, I was given two free passes to any screening during the festival. I think I am going to drag lkj along with me tonight to check out "Gabi on the Roof in July." It's one of the more talked-about shows debuting, and I met the director and one of the stars [---->] yesterday,
so I'm pretty interested.

I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!

Yours, truly

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