Monday, October 25, 2010

My list of grievances

Monday seems like the perfect day for a Top 5 pet peeves list, don't you think?
Here are the finalists:

When someone does part of my crossword- This happens more often that you would think. It's one thing for me to ask someones opinion on a clue if I am stumped, or if we are purposely doing the puzzle together. However, I do not appreciate when restaurant patrons, random passersby, and the like decide to "help me" on a crossword I just started by filling in the easier clues when I have stepped away and then feeling proud of themselves. 

Machine recordings that attempt to troubleshoot- "Please say Account Information, Bill Pay, or More Options." "More Options." "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you clearly. Please say Account Information, Bill Pay, or More Options.""MORE Options." "Thank you, You have chosen Account Information." "No, I said MORE OPTIONS [here is where I would press the pound sign or the zero key repeatedly in order to exit my account information] "I'm sorry, you have pressed an incorrect key, please try your call again later. Goodbye." You can understand.

Seeing movies at the theater twice OR seeing a movie I don't particularly care to see at the theater- This is a relatively new addition to the list. In fact, I saw Titanic more times in the theater than I care to share [I was young and very in love with Leo DiCaprio at the time, that is my defense.] But in light of recent bill paying and money saving and all that, whenever I am faced with the prospect of going to see a movie for a second time at the theater, or seeing something I'm not thrilled about, I can't bring myself to do it. It just plain costs too much these days! Sometimes seeing a random movie pays off, because it will turn out to be hilarious or visually interesting or something. But it's rare a movie is so amazingly good that I feel justified paying to see it twice.

Inefficiency- This applies to so many different facets of life that it is in fact quite possible, and relatively easy, for me to become frustrated by inefficiency daily. This is not to say I think things do not function properly or that I am just the most efficient person ever. It is more a testament to my OCD than anything else. I am bothered by inefficient use of time at work [if I'm done, I don't like to wait around, or "pass time." I'd like to go thanks], when I'm running errands [I don't want to have to go back out later, which is why Walmart is a great one-stop option. Although I usually find too many "convenient" purchases I "need" and that is never good for the wallet], when I'm packing [which also coincides with my need to have lots of options, so it gets tricky] and the list goes on.

And the number one thing [by far] that really grinds my gears:
Words spelled incorrectly on purpose for novelty- This applies most specifically to "C" words that are spelled with a "K" such as Kool Kats, Krazy, Klassy, Kar Wash etc. These words drive me crazy. Literally. I can't stand them. It looks terrible. Just spell it CORRECTLY. With a "C".

I could probably come up with an entirely separate list to apply to waiting tables, but we'll save that for another day.

Yours, truly

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  1. you didn't mention our 5 trips to see POTC...I'm using the abbrev. to protect our dignity :)