Tuesday, August 10, 2010

oh for a porch on a blustery day.

It's raining!
Well really, it's storming. Big booms, loud cracks, light-up-the-sky lightening kind of storming.
The power is even flickering, though ever so slightly.
The rain drops are pinging on the metal overhang at the back door.
The trees are thrashing in the wind and leaves are flying around in circles in the backyard.
The hairs on my arm are standing up.
I just love storms. The energy is so electric.
I'm a big energy believer. I think that everybody has a unique energy, and how those energies react with one another decides who you are compatible with.
[the power just flickered again!]
Anyways.. during a storm, I think your energy changes, because it's reacting with all of the electricity flying around. You can almost see it.
Take pets for example- Casper, the big, huge, white Great Pyrenees [power flicker!] that belongs to lkj's sis and barks at everything, is sitting at my feet right now, all in a tizzy over the storm.
It's the energy!

I used to like it when it would storm during school, it would look so dark and weird and crazy outside.
I wish I had a porch [screened in of course, to shield from the wetness and the mosquitos...] so I could sit outside and watch the rain. It's very calming.
I still get the flutter of fear when the big thunder cracks come along, though. The kind of noises that used to make you run into your parents room at night because the house was certainly about to crumble underneath the weight of the thunder. Who'd have known at that age that it's just atoms reacting to atoms. I'm pretty sure someone actually told me that once, but it did not cure my fear.
AND- I remember my favorite Winnie the Poo episode was the one with the Heffalumps and Woozles. You know, the one where it storms and the Hundred Acre Wood gets flooded? Quality children's programming, you should check it out.

Like I said, I love a good storm.
As long as there are no tornados. I do NOT love tornados.

Yours, truly

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