Wednesday, August 11, 2010

gas pump roulette

I find myself in a cheerier mood this Wednesday than last. No washer mishaps today...which means I have a little love to share with all of you for your middle-of-the-week day pleasure:
The thing that I'm loving today is a little strange, and it definitely shows my neurotic, OCD side [which lets be honest, is more like and 80-20 ratio with me...]
Ok here it is....
I love when I'm pumping gas in my car, and I get the price to stop at an even dollar!
It sounds silly, but it's a fun little gamble that I play with myself every time I need to refill the tank. 
For example: if the nozzle shuts off at $23.74, indicating that the tank is full, I then try to get up to the $24.00 mark. No more though, otherwise the gas pump wins.
Today, unfortunately, I missed the mark. Yep, $24.01. But usually, I have a pretty good knack for it...
Next time, gas pump... Next time.

I also happen to love cookouts, which is where I'm headed off too now.
No work for me tonight- just friends and food and the usual shenanigans.
Days like these make it easy to heart Wednesdays :)

Yours, truly

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